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Clean a burned pot

The other night I had a hankering for some chocolate pudding.

And as those of you who follow me know, I like to make things myself to avoid weird food chemicals.

But I’m not saying that this approach works out 100% of  the time.

I went on-line and found a recipe.  Seemed simple enough and I’m sure the recipe was fully reliable, but some how I burned it, badly.

Don’t get me wrong, we STILL ate it!  Because when you NEED some chocolate pudding, you don’t really care.

But the main consequence of this experiment was that I burned my favorite sauce pan to near death!

I did the usual soaking over night with some soap and water in the bottom.  Nothing.

I used my super-duper industrial scour pad that the Chef brought me home from work.  Nothing.

Then I remembered this trick I had read in this book “Easy Green Living” by Renee Loux.

The trick is actually for chemical free oven cleaning but I figured that if it worked on a whole oven, one little pot shouldn’t be a problem!

Here’s all  I did.

I poured some plain old baking soda liberally over the offending area ( the whole bottom of the pot!) then take a spritz bottle and spray it with water till the baking soda is wet but not running.

Cover burned area with baking soda

It will have to sit like this for a few hours to overnight.  But the key is, every time you walk by it or remember to do it,  give it another spritz with the water and keep doing that as much as you can so that the soda never gets dry.   It only makes it work better but won’t ruin anything if you don’t.
After a few hours test it out to see if it is working.  I just took a spoon and scraped it a bit to see.

Scrape to see if working

Scrape as much as you can out and then wash normally.  If it was REALLY bad, like mine was, you may need to repeat the process.
Seems a bit of a long tedious procedure, but if the alternative is tossing the pot in the garbage, it is worth it!
Works like a charm!

See!  Good as NEW!

And no nasty chemicals!!

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  1. AWESOME. Seriously. AWESOME.

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