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Toads in a hole

An oldy but a goodie.

Although I have no idea why they call it this.  But whatever.

Take a couple of slices of bread and cut a nice big hole in the centre.  ( The “hole” portion of the dish)

You can either use the holes for something else, like feeding the birds, OR you can toast them up and use for dipping.

Then, you can either use bacon drippings or a dab of butter in your frying pan and make sure it is nice and hot, then add your bread with the holes in them.

Toast on one side and then flip the bread.  Then ever so carefully break an egg ( The “toad” portion ) into the centre of the hole.   Cook until the yoke is still a bit jiggly and then serve.

Quick and simple.

Toads in holes with bacon and dipping rounds



Comments on: "Toads in a hole" (3)

  1. looks yummy. Sorry to correct you, however these are actually “Eggs in a Basket” or “eggs in a blanket” Toad in the Hole is traditionally sausages baked in yorkshire pudding batter – this photo by Jamie Oliver will explain why the name.

    love your blog!

    • Oh my! Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The only reason I ever thought they were called toads in a hole was from an old roommate of mine who used to come home liquoured up in the middle of the night and make them and that’s what she called them. I do apologize for any confusion I have caused.

  2. That. Looks. So, so good. Me. Want. NOW.

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