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My empanadas



I love the idea of empanadas.   Tasty filling in pastry, does it get much better than that?

I am going to be catering our office holiday extravaganza again this year.  I did it last year and it was a great success, but now I feel the need to live up to my own expectations and do a completely new and as equally interesting snacks as last year!  A lot of pressure!  Self imposed, of course!

So I’ve been researching and putting different ideas to the test before I unleash them on the party goers at large.  And of course, the Chef is always happy to be the taste tester.

So in keeping with our Spanish lessons, I thought I’d try my hand at some empanadas.

After scouring the internet for empanada dough recipes, I settled on this one: 

 Click here to get it

roll out the dough

Then you will need a filling of some kind.  You can do your own research if you want to be authentic and have the real traditional filling, or quite honestly you can fill them with all kinds of things!

Today I am just filling them with some simple spicy meat and black beans.
I fried up:
  • a small onion chopped
  • 2 cloves fresh garlic minced
  • 1 pound ground  beef
  • 1/2 tin black beans
  • herbs and spices of your choice.   I used cumin, oregano, chili powder, salt and pepper
  • a few shots of hot sauce

Cook this up until the meat is really loose and most of the liquid is gone.


Empanada filling
Let the filling  cool  down while your dough is also  chilling.
Then it is  time to assemble. 
I made two different sizes because I was just testing the recipe. 
I made small two bite size ones perfect for “Party Snacks” and then I made bigger ones that we ate for dinner.
For the small ones, I used a round biscuit cutter.
Then put some filling in the centre.  You will have to give it a few tries to determine what the right amount of filling will be.
Then pinch them closed all along the edge then place on a flat surface and take a fork and squeeze down the rim all around.

Mini empanadas

Give them a little wash with a bit of beaten egg or milk and then put them in a 350 oven till they get toasty looking.  But don’t over bake or the bottoms will burn.

Mini empanadas with dipping sauce.

I’ll admit that these were pretty labour intensive.   So after I’d made enough of them to see how they would work as a snack, I had lost interest in making the ones we were gonna have for dinner.
So for them, I just rolled out the dough, hacked off some bits, put in the rest of the filling and folded them up.  So they were a little…..shall we say…..uneven.

Larger empanadas

They may have looked a little dodgy, but they tasted great!
I added a little spicy rice and a little topping sauce and bingo!

Empanada with rice and sauce

I wasn’t even trying for another Spanish night, but here we have it. 

Comments on: "My empanadas" (5)

  1. I tried these last night and they worked out great! Thanks for the idea.

  2. these look great! maybe a good use for my metric ton of leftover turkey. 🙂

  3. […] dumpling press is my new favorite toy!  Boy do I wish I had THIS baby when I was making my empanadas.  Would have made life SO much easier! Dumpling […]

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