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Super easy spicy rice

I’m almost embarrased to mention this dish because I’m sure all of you will be like “really?  seriously?  you’ve never done THAT??”

I needed a side dish and make rice ALL the time and felt disheartened by how boring it might be.

But then I remembered I had half a jar of salsa in the fridge!  Why not??

So instead of my boring old 2 cups water to one cup uncooked rice ( I usually only make brown rice so that is the ratio) I put the half a jar of medium salsa into the measure cup which took up about a cups worth and then filled the rest with water to equal 2 cups total.

I poured it into a sauce pan and brought it up to the boil.  Then I poured in the cup of uncooked rice, stirred it, covered it and turned it down to #2 on my stove dial.

Let cook for about 45 minutes and bingo!  NOT boring spicey rice!!

Spicy rice


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