Good things to eat

Fruit fly trouble?

Don’t you just hate them?  Their hovering about and their beady little red eyes!

We’ve been having fruit fly trouble lately.  Maybe it is the cooler weather, everyone moving inside, or maybe it’s all the apples we have?  Whatever the case, I hate them.

But I saw a guy on the news with a great little suggestion that did the trick!

Get a small glass or reseptical of some sort and pour in about an inch of vinegar.  Any kind is fine but I used sherry vinegar because it seemed more delicious than plain.  The guy on TV just made a little cone out of paper and put it in the glass. 

The theory is, the stupid fly will fly down the cone to enjoy the delicious vinegar only once he gets down there, he can’t figure out how to get out and then ends up drowning in the very same vinegar!!  Ingenious!

I tried the paper cone but it got wet and didn’t really work, but the Chef, being the smarty pants that he is, suggested I use a small funnel! 

Funnel in glass of vinegar ( fruit fly trap)

And BINGO!!  Worked like a charm!!

dead fruit flies!


Comments on: "Fruit fly trouble?" (2)

  1. Just yesterday, in the faculty lounge at work, someone yelled, “for the love of god! I thought we were done with fruit flies!” Perhaps I should bring him one of these traps…

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