Good things to eat


I never realized that birds actually like lettuce that much!

I mean, I know about the seeds and the bugs and the like, but why MY lettuce??

Where we last left off in the balcony garden, all I was down to was my last batch of lettuce and some Swiss chard that I was hoping to have at Thanksgiving.

Lettuce and chard

Both were doing quite well but I had to keep chasing the birds away from eating them.  In fact I started bringing them inside during the day for their own protection.

I thought the birds had grown weary so one day I left the lettuce out and from morning to afternoon it went from this:

Healthy happy lettuce

To this:

Lettuce chewed to the bone

No respect.

I have actually been keeping the chard inside and it is doing surprisingly well.  Perhaps I will keep growing pots of it all winter.

And then to add insult to injury……

I was sitting in here, minding my own business, as I often do, with the balcony door wide open because it was a beautiful day.  I heard some sort of commotion, turned around thinking it was a situation on the balcony.

Imagine my surprise to see a squirrel standing there in the living room!  We both looked at each other and screamed ( well, his face looked like he was screaming if he could scream!) very much like an episode of “Scoobie Doo”!  He freaked out and started running around, apparently not noticing the open door way, whilst I hollered at him to get out!

It’s always something.

Click the “In the garden” tab at the top if you would like to see the full progression of the balcony garden this year.



Comments on: "Seriously" (6)

  1. Jacquie D. said:

    Are you sure it was the birds and not squirrels? That was my first thought when i saw the devastated lettuce plant. You’d have to have a flock of birds to inflict that much damage. There’s a big squirrel nest outside my living room window, and two squirrels have been bring back leaves for days now.

  2. Regrettably for the most part I watched the birds do it. I just got tired of chasing them away. I have a roving gang of about 10 sparrows who frequent my balcony. Probably my fault for feeding them in winter! They did the same thing to the mint in the spring. And have had a few goes at my chard till I brought it inside permenantly!

  3. That’s what you get for eating healthy. Switch to cake. Birds don’t like cake.

  4. Very uncool… in the future you might want to cover it all with chicken wire? And yes the good thing is that your veggies must be really tasty…I wish you better luck next time!

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