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The Perfect Turkey Sandwich

Now I’m not talking the fancy one you get at your get at your local hipster joint, what with the melted brie, arugula and “bistro sauce”.  Of course there is a time and place for that kind of thing, but that is NOT what I am talking about here!

No, I’m talking the post holiday, perfect left over turkey sandwich!

I sometimes think that I prefer this sandwich to the actual turkey dinner itself!  I think that maybe I make turkey dinner JUST for this sandwich!!

I know that I am always touting the “evils of white bread” but this is the one occasion on earth that NO OTHER will do!

Here is what you will need:


  • two slices fresh squishy white sandwich bread
  • sliced turkey
  • left over stuffing
  • cranberry jelly ( the kind from a can that keeps the can shape!)
  • mayo
  • S & P  (heavy on the P )

Assemble as you would any sandwich…….

Cut in half…..or not……and there we have it!  The PERFECT turkey sandwich!

In my opinion anyway!


Perfect turkey sandwich



Comments on: "The Perfect Turkey Sandwich" (2)

  1. trixfred30 said:

    Looks pretty perfect – although we won’t be eating turkey for another couple on months in the UK!

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