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Thanksgiving Breakfast

I know you will all be up to your eyeballs in turkey talk so I thought I would change lanes a little and talk about what to eat on Thanksgiving for breakfast!!  I mean you are gonna need your strength for a long day of cooking and what not!

Every year around this time my local grocery store comes out with these and I usually give in and buy a batch but always say to myself “I could make those!”  So this year I am giving them a try.


I scoured the internet for a good recipe.  They vary widely and some seem super easy while others are quite involved.

This is the one I settled on…well…mostly   ( click here if you want to follow along  )

The result was quite nice.

Scones cooling

They actually took a little more involvement and certainly a lot more dishes and clean up than I really cared for on an already big cooking day but they were very tasty.

I only used the simple glaze instead of the full on spice glaze because I just didn’t have time to wait for them to cool and all that.

I’ve got potatoes to peel and stuffing to make!

Glazed Pumpkin scones

But they were very nice and gave a good sugar rush to get me going and the Chef loved them too.  But then again he loves anything sweet!

Actually their taste was very reminiscent of a childhood favorite.  Pillsbury apple turnovers, those ones that came in that weird roll up can that you had to whack on the counter to release the doughy goodness and then bake up and glaze with the odd little bag of icing!

Happy Thanksgiving!   If you are here in Canada that is……..Happy Sunday to the rest!

Pumpkins in the sun


Comments on: "Thanksgiving Breakfast" (5)

  1. They look delicious. I love the glaze on top!

  2. These turned out great! I am so glad that you enjoyed them…they are one of my favorites to make this time of year! 🙂

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