Good things to eat

Well, I guess it IS Fall so it was inevitable.

Actually we are blessed around here that there are certain things we could grow all year if we wanted to, but the regular things have come and gone.

So I thought it was time to clear out the dead stuff and pack everything up securely for winter.  We don’t live too far from the ocean, so we don’t get “winter” per say but sometimes it sure gets windy so I need to make sure things are secured!

Of the two remaining tomatoes left on the vine ( that would have made three in total this year) one was starting to finally starting to ripen.  I’ve had my eye on it all week and was just waiting for the perfect moment to pick it for maximum sweetness.

Imagine my despair to find it GONE!  Not just with a bite out of it like the last one, but actually gone!  Heartbreaking.  And then the one tiny green one that WAS left, laying there in the pot, half chewed and discarded!

pillaged tomato plant

Dried up crazy wild lettuce plants

These crazy wild lettuce plants served well.  The birds loved hanging off them eating the seed pods.  Or maybe that’s what gave them the taste for my other lettuce!  But it was fun watching them try to hang on.

The flowers have also done their duty and are ready to go.

Flowers winding down for winter

The chard and the last batch of lettuce are all that’s left.  With any luck we will eat the chard at Thanksgiving, assuming no one else helps themselves to it first!

Lettuce and chard

I guess that’s it.  We are ready for what comes next.

Ready for winter


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