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Lamb Curry review

It was good.  But it wasn’t great.  ( See yesterday’s post if you are just joining us )

I think there could have been too much wine or too much chocolate.  I have NEVER uttered those words before in my LIFE!!

The flavour was good, but just a bit too intense.  Not in a spicy way, but in a just too strong way and I used the proper amounts from the recipe.  But yes, if I made it again I would only use  half of what both those ingredients were called for.

We spent the afternoon at the movies and came home to the warm comforting smell that filled the house!  It smelled great and it looked great.

It wasn’t spicy per say but after a few minutes of eating it, we both noticed that we were sweating!  So it is a great dish for a cold winters night, or if you are warding off a cold!

This would make a great slow cooker dish too by the way.

I was thinking that you could easily substitute chicken or beef for the lamb and if you wanted to make a vegetarian version by using chick peas and sweet potato.

I made up a nice big pot of basmati rice to go with it.  Normally I would never use white rice, you know, the processing and all, but when it comes to Indian food, that’s where I make the exception.  Brown is fine but….

I tossed a couple of whole cloves and a few cardamom pods into the cooking water and then fish them out again when the rice is ready.   Just adds another layer of fragrance to the whole dish.

It was good just a little strong.

But a perfect idea for a Sunday night in Fall.

Lamb curry

Tonight I’m making some  South West Shepard’s Pie  ( click here to see that recipe ) and so I have just added the left overs from this into the chili part of the dish to add some extra flavour.

It’s in the oven baking as we speak.

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  1. WHAT? You had lamb and didn’t invite me? ;-p

    • I thought of you the whole time! I was thinking how I haven’t had lamb since last I’d had lamb at yours and how we have had no lamb in so long!

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