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Tragedy in the balcony garden

I really don’t know WHAT to make of this one!

For those of you who have been following the progress of my little balcony garden since the Spring will know that I have been having some trouble from time to time with the critters who seem to frequent the area.

The birds insisted on eating the seeds and then chomping away at the mint plant and the young lettuce and chard seedlings and then who ever took a bite out of my one lone tomato……?

But this new desecration is just despicable!

When we last left off I had just harvested one lot from the rogue  potato plant and was anxiously awaiting the right time to harvest the bigger plant.

I was eyeing it yesterday, thinking it looked a little droopy and that it might just be a perfect time to pull it up and see what golden nuggets were attached.  But as I pushed the greenery aside to see where I would be pulling from, I spied the most curious and unfortunate of things!


Just sitting there on the dirt!

What’s worse is it was a partially chewed ant trap!


Ant trap

I don’t know HOW it got there?  Nor how long it had been there leaching toxic poison into that beautifully composted dirt I had been nurturing all year.  But how could we now possibly eat the potatoes growing beneath?  Could we risk that they hadn’t been contaminated by the ant poison??

I was just devastated!  Who could do such a horrible thing?

I’ll tell you who…..that damn squirrel!   He is always parading around the balcony poking his nose in everything and digging away at the plants!  Not even my well aimed squirt bottle will deter him.  He just laughs at me.

One day I had left the balcony door open and was doing something at the kitchen sink and could see something out of the peripheral of my eye.  I looked down and there he was, the cheeky thing, standing under the kitchen table!!!

So the only thing I can imagine is that he stole the ant trap from someone else, found it to be delicious in some way and had come to stash it in MY healthy dirt!  Perhaps he got poisoned before he could finish the job and staggered off?

Lost potatoes


I had HOPED that.

I dug up the potatoes and was sad to see it was a nice little yield, but I’m just not comfortable eating them.

Turns out that wasn’t really a problem because as if things weren’t BAD enough, this morning when I went out to the balcony to check on things, my pile of potatoes that I managed to dig up were GONE!

But the chewed ant trap was still there!

This neighbourhood is getting rough!


Comments on: "Tragedy in the balcony garden" (4)

  1. linda duguay said:

    Call the cops.

  2. This is tragic.

    Squirrels are very smart, you know. I don’t doubt that one is responsible for your potato devastation. We often empty our planters in the fall and find peanuts hidden in the bottom. How do they get them in there without disturbing the plants? AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PLANTER?

    They’ll probably be our overlords one day.

  3. […] and they kept growing until that “unfortunate incident” that occurred last year!  ( click here to see that ) Potatoes going […]

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