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Public Markets

You would think that a place like Victoria would have a public market!

I hadn’t really noticed that they didn’t have one until I was back in Toronto last year and was at the St. Lawrence Market and thought to myself “that’s what they need in Victoria!”  In fact when I got home I discussed the matter with a friend in the food business and tried to talk him into getting one going.

I spoke to another friend and she said, “I’m afraid that someone has beat you to it!” and handed me a brochure from the Victoria Public Market Society.  Seems these people have been on the case for awhile!

And this past weekend put on the “EAT HERE NOW 2011” festival in Spirit Square in downtown Victoria.

Eat Here Now festival

It was well attended and had an array of local farmers, vendors and Chefs from many restaurants with delicious samples.  As well as representation by many other relevant worthy causes.

Eat Here Now Festival Victoria


Eat Here Now Festival Victoria


Eat Here Now Festival Victoria

We have quite a few summer markets in various neighbourhoods where the farmers and artisans sell their wares, but we don’t have a permanent year round facility.

The likes of:

 Seattle’s Pike Place Market


Vancouver’s Granville Island Public Market


Montreal’s  Atwater or Jean Talon Markets


Ottawa’s   Byward Market

All wonderful places to get fresh produce, meat, cheese, baked goods and usually other exotic hard to find gourmet products!

A food friendly town like Victoria should absolutely have a Public Market of their own!

You have my vote!


What do you think?

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