Good things to eat

Victoria Blues

Among many an activity in Victoria this weekend, one was the “Blues Bash”.  This is an annual Labour Day celebration that takes place in the Inner Harbour.

Victoria Blues Bash

Besides being able to catch some great bands and enjoy the sunshine, it’s also a great time to eat!

These days, “street food” is all the rage!

These days our favorite show on the Food Network is called “Eat Street”.  The show is produced out of Vancouver BC but most of the locations are in the US.  However they have featured a few places in Vancouver, here in Victoria and elsewhere on Vancouver Island.

What is really cool is that you can down load an “Eat Street”  APP to your smart phone so whenever you are in another city you can quickly check out where the best food trucks are located! 

I don’t think that any of the vendors from the Blues Bash have been featured on Eat Street but were still worth checking out anyway.

A local favorite is “Smokin Bones Cookshack” which has a full service restaurant in Langford BC and soon to have another location downtown Victoria in the recently converted to condos former Hudson’s Bay building.

Smokin Bones Cookshack

Another popular Victoria eatery call “PIG BBQ Joint” is usually also represented at Blues Bash, but for some reason I didn’t see them there this year.  They opened a bigger and better downtown location last fall and have been doing gangbusters!

These two vendors are who I deem most appropriate for a “BLUES” event.  I don’t know, ribs and pulled pork just scream blues to me!!

It is too bad that this event doesn’t some how co-ordinate with another popular event that I often used to attend in various locations in Ontario.  It was appropriately called “Rib Fest” and is a sort of travelling circus of meat that goes from town to town over the course of the summer.

I think these two festivals would be a match made in heaven!

Where we actually ended up getting something was from this food wagon called “EAT” because I’d been promising the Chef that he could get something that I’ve always known as a “Beaver Tail” but they seem to have different regional names.  This food truck calls them Langos and say they are Hungarian.

Langos at EAT

But in pretty much any culture or language, what they are is a big deep-fried piece of donut like dough and then topped with either a cinnamon sugar type topping ( which is the style I know best) or with various other savory toppings.

Lango or beaver tail?

 When I used to get these or rather “Beaver Tails” back in Ottawa they would suggest a sprinkle of fresh lemon juice over the top to bring out the flavours.  Nice!

Victoria Inner Harbour

Busy Labour Day weekend

Let us know about your favorite “STREET FOOD”.



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