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Another quick pasta dish

I’ll admit it, pasta is my “go to” dish.

It is fast, comforting and rarely can you put something on it that doesn’t taste good!  And IF by chance you mess it up and it isn’t good, you can usually always fix it with cheese!!

I, like a lot people in “experimental years” was a vegetarian for a while.  I hadn’t been to nutrition school yet and didn’t have all the facts to make an informed decision about why exactly I was doing it.  Nor was I doing it properly, because you can’t just “not eat meat” and assume that you have a healthy diet.

This is a particular problem with teenage folk who find out about vegetarianism, think it’s cool and then eat nothing but french fries!  I knew this girl back in the day who was a vegetarian, and a dancer so was always watching her weight and all she would eat was one vegetarian take out pizza a day, every day.  In fact, she had various loyalty awards that she received from the pizza chain because she ordered from the same place every day, commemorative mugs and such!!

But the point of this story is that, when I stopped being a vegetarian and went back to eating meat, the one thing I couldn’t get enough of was sausage!!   To this day I do LOVE a good sausage!  But now that I know better, I try to get good quality sausages with fresh ingredients and from a reputable vendor.

See, healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring, you just need to take a little responsibility for what you are putting in your body.

So back to the easy pasta dish.  This is one of my favorites that I crave and make quite often.

Start by boiling the water for the pasta of your choice.

Then in a large skillet and amounts will vary depending on how much you are making, add:

  • Some nice sausages

Brown on all sides and then add a little water or stock to the bottom of the pan and put the lid on tightly.  This will sort of steam them and make sure they are actually cooked.   Meanwhile chop up:

  • 1 large onion into big slices
  • 1 – 2 peppers of  your choice also into slices

Take the lid off the skillet and toss these in with the sausage.   By now the sausages will have cooked up a bit and will be fairly firm.

I take them out one at a time and slice them, slightly on the bias, into bite size bits and then put them back in the pan.  Make sure you don’t lose any of the sausage juice, be sure and pour it back in then pan if there is any.   Repeat until all the sausages are in pieces and keep tossing every thing around.

At this point I usually add a bit of herbs or spices like some oregano and chili flakes  ( if the sausages aren’t already hot!) and a few cloves of fresh chopped garlic.

Then when the sausages are no longer pink inside and the onions and peppers are soft I add “some” jarred tomato sauce.  When I say “some” I mean just a bit, not the whole jar as though you are making spaghetti sauce!  Just enough to coat the stuff in the pan but it should NOT be swimming!

Sausage and peppers

Let this cook together for a little while longer while you boil your pasta.  Then you can either add the pasta directly to the sausages, if there is room, and mix thoroughly or just top the pasta with the sausages and pepper sauce, which ever is easiest or the most impressive presentation if you are entertaining.

Pasta with sausage and peppers

Top with a bit of cheese……..if you are so inclined!


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