Good things to eat

What we ate at the wedding

Weddings can be hard.    It’s not just like a regular party where often the food is the focus of the event, there are LOTS more going on at weddings that you have to think about.

The worst thing is trying to keep everyone happy!

We went to a lovely wedding this past weekend “up island”.  That’s what we call anywhere on Vancouver that isn’t Victoria!

The weather couldn’t have been better, bright and warm.  The event took place on the grounds of Affinity Guest House in Cowichan.

When we arrived we were met with lemon aid and Italian Pizzelle cookies to amuse us while we waited for the ceremony to begin.

After the ceremony we were plied with bubbly and party snacks.  There was a table with the ever favorite spinach dip and crackers with local cheese and crudite.  While friendly people circulated with “Vol-au-vent” which is a puff pastry item filled with lovely morsels.

This appeased the masses as we then broke into various groups for leisurely pursuits before the actual meal.

There was badminton, crocket, and Petanque the French game of lawn bowling!  Others took to the inviting shade of the willow trees while some strolled the property and enjoyed the abundant blackberries right off the bush!

Blackberries growing abundantly

Eventually people started to congregate at the tent.

The tent was a welcome relief from the hot sun, oh and of course, that’s where the bar was!

Finally it was time for the main event!

Table by table we went up to enjoy the buffet.  It started with beautiful fresh bread and sweet butter followed by a selection of salads.  Spinach salad, creamy potato salad and a tasty roast vegetable and orzo salad.

And then the hot items of fresh corn on the cob, baked salmon and a very nice vegetable Moussaka for the vegan friends.

At the buffet

Our table was the very last to get to go up, which was determined by some sort of contest, that clearly no one at our table was paying attention to or else we might have got to go up sooner!  But that didn’t matter at all because we had plenty of wine and good conversation!  And then by the time we got up there, they were replenishing all the items so we all ate our fill and then some!

And what was even better is we hardly had to wait at all for dessert because the first people who had been at the buffet were ready for it by now, but we were closest to it and made a dash when it was announced!!  I think I was fourth in line!

Dessert was wonderful fresh berry tarts with whipped cream.  Regrettably I don’t seem to have a picture because they were eaten before I got a chance!  And they hadn’t got to the beautiful “Croc en bouche” wedding cake just yet.  But no worries, I went back later!

Croc en bouche wedding cake


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