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Posh Picnics

Who says picnics need to be boring?

I’ve always been a fan of the elaborate picnic food.  I like how they used to do it up in the olden days where they would pull up with servants and tables and baskets of fancy fare and wine.

Okay that might be a bit much now a days but you can still add a few touches to make it interesting.

In Toronto they have  a wonderful “Shakespeare in the Park” that I used to frequent when I lived there.  My girlfriends and I would assemble a sophisticated spread with several courses including dessert and wine!  We are always the envy of those around us and we always get offers of “new friends” who want to be in OUR gang!

I was sad last year when visiting Toronto and going to the play for the first time in a while to find out that you are no longer allowed to drink alcohol there anymore.  Not sure if you were ever really allowed but perhaps they would turn a blind eye.  So be warned if you go there and didn’t know this new rule.  I’m not saying we still didn’t drink our wine…..I mean we’d already brought it……but we were very discreet!

Here in Victoria we have “Movie night in the Park” which I am embarrassed to say we only attended for the first time this week.  They put up one of those big blow up screens and everyone gathers round in their foldie chairs and blankets.

The movie we saw was appropriately called “Who is killing the great Chefs of Europe” a fun 70’s romp with a lot of food and kitchen shots and “Chef humour”.

My Chef whipped us up ( on very short notice I might add) so very delicious sandwiches and some other little snacks.  It wasn’t over the top because it was rather last-minute, but it still was not boring.

Mediterranean style club sandwich


Posh up your picnic

So do yourself a favour and put a little care into your next picnic!  You’ll be happy you did!


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  1. That sandwich looks ridiculously good! Ri.Dic.U.Lous.

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