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Trouble with brown sugar?

Who hasn’t had a wave of inspiration to go and bake something, only to find your brown sugar has transformed into on solid rock hard ball?   Nothing worse.

Well the Chef showed me a cool trick to alleviate this problem!

You will have to transfer the offending brick to an air tight container and if it is too big you might have to hack it down a bit.

I find dropping the bag of sugar on to the floor from as high as you can then it might break into a few big chunks at least.

Hard brown sugar

Once you have some manageable amounts put them in the air tight container with a slice of bread!  Yes you read it right!  A slice of BREAD!  Doesn’t matter what kind.  I only happened to have some multi grain but plain ol white bread will work just fine too.

Slice of bread stuffed in jar of brown sugar

Seal it up and let the magic begin.

Bread in jar of brown sugar

Even after half and hour you will notice a difference.  Somehow, magically the sugar will suck the moisture out of the bread which relaxes the sugar and it lets go of the clumpiness.

Once the sugar is at a useable consistency, remove the bread.  Which is now transformed into the hard thing!

Use brown sugar as needed!

Softened brown sugar



Comments on: "Trouble with brown sugar?" (2)

  1. Ug. Brown sugar is so fickle. This is a great idea!

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