Good things to eat

Blueberry season

It’s that time again!  Blueberry season in BC!

Blueberries have made the list of “Wonder Foods”.  Not only are they tasty little explosions of deliciousness but they are also chock full of anti oxidants and from what I hear, other magic powers!

Tub of blueberries

Whenever blueberry season comes round, I like to buy up a bunch and freeze them to use in my smoothies and other dishes all year long.   I learned the hard way that you can’t just rinse them off and toss them in the freezer.  It will only end in a heartbreaking clump of frozen blueberry misery!

What you need to do is first wash them thoroughly and pick out any bad ones and pick off any stems or weird bits,  then put them into a clean tea towel to dry them.

Dry the blueberries well before freezing

Once they are good and dry transfer them to a baking sheet and spread them loosely.  It will be impossible to have it so that none of them are touching each other but make sure they have plenty of room and not crammed together, even if you have to do several batches.

Look them over again checking for any dodgy stuff you might have missed on the first pass.  Then into the freezer.

Now I KNOW this might be obvious to many but be sure they are laying flat in the freezer and secure.  There is NOTHING more unpleasant than picking up a tray full of blueberries off the floor when you open the freezer door and the tray falls out!

Give berries lots of room on the tray

They will need at least half and hour to freeze unless you have some kind of super freezer!  But longer is fine if you forget.  But just BE CAREFUL opening the freezer door!!

Once they are frozen load them into a plastic container or what I prefer is a zip lock freezer bag because they are much easier to fit into the freezer afterwards.

Frozen blueberries in a ziplock bag

Now you’ve got blueberries to last till next season!


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