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Roasted tomato pancakes

If you saw my recipe for KALE pancakes earlier this year  ( click here to check them out ) you know that I am a big fan of savory pancakes.

I just really prefer them as the “starch” item on the plate, to rice or noodles or potato.   They have so much more flavour and soak up the flavours of whatever you put on top of them.

Here is a different version, roasted tomatoes.

So to start with roast off some grape or other small cute tomatoes  ( click here to see where we’ve done that before ).

Then make up a batch of your favorite pancake batter only omitting whatever sweetener it calls for.  Or just use the kale pancake recipe for a double whammy of goodness!

If using regular pancake batter add a clove or two of fresh garlic and a few leaves of fresh basil or 1 tbsp of  dried.   Make sure it is mixed well ( I do them in the blender) and then let the batter rest a little before you start.

When you are ready, heat the pan, and pour your first or first few pancakes depending on if you are doing big ones or a few small ones.

THEN strategically add the roasted tomatoes.

Strategically place roasted tomatoes

Let the pancakes bubble as one normally would with pancakes, flip and repeat!

Keep them warm while you make the rest of them.

Roasted grape tomato pancake

Now you are ready to pile her up with whatever you like!



Comments on: "Roasted tomato pancakes" (3)

  1. roxanne said:

    what??? pancakes aren’t just for breakfast anymore????

  2. […] there were the Roasted Tomato pancakes, where was pretty much the kale pancakes with the addition of sweet roasted grape tomatoes.  Also […]

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