Good things to eat

What we ate for dinner

I thought I would start a new feature.

We have some really interesting things for dinner, but often they have so many elements that by the time I’ve explained them all, I am starving again!

So I thought I would start breaking them down into parts and THEN tell you which things we ate together.

That way it gives you an idea of what goes together and more importantly gets your own creative juices going with the endless possibilities!

What do you think?

So the last two posts had the meat balls, the roasted cauliflower and the lemon garlic tahini sauce.

Put them all together, and then I added a little whole wheat cous cous cooked in chicken stock for extra flavour and some mixed greens to add the ever necessary “live” thing to the plate.

And there you have it “what we ate for dinner”.

Meat balls with roasted cauliflower and cous cous



Comments on: "What we ate for dinner" (1)

  1. Great post today thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading your blog very much. Food and great recipes are something I take for granted these days. Have a great day.

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