Good things to eat

Friday Pizza night

I don’t know what it is about Friday nights and Pizza that just go together well?

Perhaps it is a nice reward for wrapping up another work week, the kick off to the weekend?  Or perhaps just tired of thinking of things to eat all week, it’s good to have a plan already in place?

We like to change it up at our house.  Sure we have our old standards but every now and then we take it up a notch.

How bout PULLED PORK pizza?

Now as you know, I am a fan of making my own dough, because then you know exactly what is in it!  ( click here to check out home made pizza dough recipe ).

But sometimes you simply just don’t have the time.

On this occasion we are just making our pizzas on flat bread.  The ones we have come in this 9 x 9 square and I think are popular for making Panini sandwiches.  We happened to get our’s at Costco but I am sure you can get these most places.

And so we begin:

Instead of a tomato sauce I started with a home made onion relish that I happened to have already made but you could skip that if you don’t have any.

Flat bread with onion relish

Then I just went through the fridge and collected what ever happened to be kicking around.

Pizza fixens

Here we have the pulled pork and some diced chicken, mushrooms, spinach, peppers, corn, chopped garlic, cheese and bar b que sauce!

Once you’ve got everything together, start building to your little hearts delight!

Pizza fully loaded

Once you’ve got on all your fixens, drizzle with a bit of bar b que sauce then pop em in the oven till the cheese melts down.

Actually these would also work well on the bar b que because essentially everything on them is already cooked, you are just melting the cheese.




Pulled pork pizza





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