Good things to eat

Special Breakfast

No, it’s NOT my birthday!

The Chef had a little time on his hands and decided to surprise me with my favorite breakfast.   Well, his version of it anyway.

In an earlier blog I mentioned that my all time favorite special breakfast is peanut butter, banana and bacon stuffed French toast.    ( click here to read about my quest to find it )

It’s really a very simple idea.

Make a batch of your favorite French Toast.

Cook up some bacon.

Then take a slice of French Toast and spread on your favorite peanut butter.

Then slice up a banana on to the peanut butter.

Add a couple of slices of bacon.

Put on another slice of French Toast.

Well, that’s how I would do it.

But the Chef, well, he sliced up the banana and sautéed them in some butter and brown sugar first to add an extra layer of delicious!!

And he made it a triple decker number!!

Man that’s livin!

Peanut Butter, banana and bacon stuffed French Toast


Comments on: "Special Breakfast" (6)

  1. Super yummmmmm!!!!!!

  2. linda duguay said:

    Hi I have a special request…can the chef come live with me for awhile ? I’ll promise to trear him well. Please consider.

  3. I’m not going to lie to you – that’s one of the craziest breakfasts I’ve ever seen. It does, however, have every single element that 2.0 holds dear to his breakfast lovin’ heart. Thus, there is great potential for its application at the Cat Farm…

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