Good things to eat

Raw dessert?

So what even IS raw dessert?   Fruit?

No.  I think there are other things we can come up with.

Although, I do know a super quick easy fruit involved raw treat.

Take a few bananas and peel them and put them into some sort of air tight container and pop them in the freezer.  When they are super frozen pop them in a food processor or if you are lucky like me and have a masticating juicer, put on the blank attachment and push the frozen banana through the juicer and a creamy deliciousness will come out the other end.

Eat it straight or add the toppings of your choice and you will barely notice it isn’t real ice cream!!

( Click here ) to see it explained even better than me!


Here is another recipe for a raw dessert but I haven’t tried it yet.

 Raw Carrot Cake ( click here)

So there you have it.  A overview of some things you could eat if you chose to go “RAW”.

If nothing else, I hope it got you thinking and at worst you have some good summer recipes.



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