Good things to eat

Raw Spaghetti

So?  How are we doing?

I know I said we would try the raw food challenge for a week, but we seem to be doing so well, why not keep it going just a little longer?  Or at the very least, let me give you a few more choices of things to eat.  What with summer upon us, all of these dishes can easily be incorporated into whatever else you might be eating.

Something like “RAW” spaghetti!!  Which could easily be called a salad in some circles.

On a recent trip off our island, I finally procured a long sought after piece of kitchen equipment.  There is only one place that sells these around here and I really don’t care for the proprietor, so I refused to buy it from her.  Let that be a lesson to nasty shop keepers!

So I finally scored a “Spiralizer”  ( click here to check them out) .

This is a wonderful tool for raw foodists and regular folks alike!   Raw people use it to make all sorts of vegetable and fruit into noodlie or decorative sliced bits.  But regular people can use it too.  How do you think they make those freaky spiral fries or that crispy onion stuff you get at some steakhouses??



 What’s good is that it has little suction cup type feet so on a good flat surface it will hang on tight.  Now you need something to slice.

Today, I’m using a zucchini or courget as they call them in Britain!

Make sure it is well washed and trimmed of stemmie end and then put it in the machine ( follow manufacturers instructions!).  Start spinning!

 It’s a good idea to slice into a collender.



Once you have spun all you are going to spin, sprinkle your “noodles” with some sea salt and let them set awhile.   This will suck out the extra liquid which will then make it easier for your sauce to stick.  After about half an hour rince the salt with water and then toss the noodles till they are fairly dried off.

Now you are ready.

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