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Raw Almond Milk

Okay, I know I keep talking about “RAW” almond milk which is very different from the stuff you buy in a tetrapak.  And of course that is a perfectly agreeable product, BUT if you are trying to eat completely raw then it won’t work because it has been pasteurized for your safety.

The live or “RAW” almond milk is truly that, alive and full of wonderful enzymes.

Now like much of living a raw lifestyle, it is a bit of work and planning, but if you are committed, then it will become part of your daily routine.

Here’s how we start.

Take about a cup of organic raw ( as in not toasted, roasted or blanched) almonds and place them in a bowl covered with fresh water.

Soak your nuts

And there they should sit for about 8 hours.  I usually do this at night before bed and then make the milk in the morning, or else put them out before I leave in the morning and make the milk when I get home.

Once they have been well soaked, it is time to make the milk.   At this point you have two choices, you can either skin the nuts or not.  Both are perfectly fine and the only difference this will make is the colour.   If say you are trying to trick….I mean…..encourage….a doubter of the goodness of almond milk, you might want to skin them to get the nice white milk, otherwise it is fine to leave the skin on.

But in this case I have skinned the nuts.   It is easy and fun….for a few minutes anyway.  Just squeeze the nut between your fingers and it will pop right out of it’s wrapper!!

Skinning almonds

Once you are ready, skinned or not…..

Naked almonds

Put the nuts in a blender and add one cup of fresh water.  If you want your milk a little sweeter, you can also add 1 tsp of pure maple syrup, but on this occasion I didn’t.

Add water

Now whiz this up on the strongest setting and keep whizzing until the nuts are completely pulverized and there is only a liquid left in the blender.

Now you are going to need a “nut bag”.  Okay, maybe you won’t have one, it took me forever to find mine.  I looked in every hippie store in the land but finally after years of searching finally found one in a groovy store in Portland Oregon!   Then again, you can probably buy them on line but I didn’t want to pay the shipping that would probably cost more than the bag itself!

Nut bag

So if you aren’t fortunate enough to have your OWN nut bag, then cheese cloth will work just fine.  That’s what I used for years before acquiring my nut bag.  Cheese cloth is just a bit messier and harder to maneuver but does the job just fine!

Now with SUPER clean hands, you are going to pour the nutty goop into your nut bag or cheese cloth while it sits in a bowl or other convenient receptacle.

Now you are going to pick up the bag or cloth and turn and squeeze and keep turning and squeezing as all the nut milk comes out into the bowl.  Squeeze and squeeze until you can’t squeeze anymore!!

Once you have done your best with that, now you will dump the pulp BACK into the blender, add another cup of water and do it ALL again!

Finally you will have a wonderful supply of “fresh squeezed” almond milk to use in all of your wonderful “RAW” foods recipes or to just drink as is!

Fresh squeezed almond milk


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