Good things to eat

The Smoothie

Everybody loves smoothies!

They are the things that taste so good that they don’t even feel healthy!

The beauty of a smoothie is you can hide all kinds of things in there and it still just tastes like a milkshake!

Here’s what I like to put in mine:

Firstly I fill the blender about half full of some sort of leafy greens.  I usually use baby spinach because it blends well and doesn’t have a strong taste.  But you could use any sort of hardy lettuces, kale leaves any of that sort of thing.  Just be careful, if it is strong in person, like say arugula, then it will be strong in the drink.

I put the greens in first so that the heavier items will push them down.

Then I add:

  •  a banana
  • some frozen berries ( this makes the drink cold)
  • hemp hearts
  • granulated lecithin  ( click here to read about it)
  • protein powder
  • flax oil
  • almond milk

Whiz it all up and enjoy!

Now, once again, if we are going completely RAW, we have to use raw almond milk.  And I can’t really vouch for the “rawness” of your protein powder, you will have to consult with your health food store consultant.


What do you think?

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