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Raw Porridge

What’s “raw” porridge you ask??

Well I don’t know about you, but I was brought up on porridge.  “Stick to your ribs” I was told on those cold Canadian mornings.  I’ve always prefered it to cream of wheat, but it can be a little heavy, a little sludgy.  But not when  you eat it RAW!!

Here’s how it goes.

The night before as you are on your way to bed, get a bowl and some plain old rolled oats.  Not the instant kind or quick cook, just the regular ones.  Put about half a cup, or more or less depending on your kind of appetite, in a bowl.  Then, cover it with nice fresh water ( I am a fan of the Britta water in the fridge) till it is all wet but NOT swimming.  Then let it sit over night.  No need to cover it unless you are prone to flies or cat whiskers or other such afflictions.

In the morning it will have nicely absorbed the water.

Soaked porridge

Now this will perform a couple of functions.  First, it will soften it and make it eatable.  Second it will activate the enzymes in it which makes it much easier to digest.  Oatmeal has a low glycemic index which means it releases slowly into the blood stream which avoids peaks and valleys in your energy.

So now it’s ready for accoutrements.

I like to add hemp hearts ( click here to read about them) because of their nutty taste and their power house of nutrition!

Hemp hearts on porridge

Then I usually add something like slivered almonds or raisins.  Then some fruit or berries, banana, blueberries or what I have today is fresh local organic strawberries.

Then I like to add a few drizzles of cold pressed flax oil ( click here to read about flax) which sounds nasty, but I think it is like pouring on liquid butter, like on popcorn!

And last but not least, some sort of milk.

Now if we are staying true to a RAW meal, then we need to use home made nut milk, which we will talk about another time.  But if you just want to be healthy and not necessarily raw, then any quality milk will do.  Hemp, rice, almond etc but I do not recommend soy milk.

So there we have our first RAW meal to try.


Comments on: "Raw Porridge" (3)

  1. Eating raw is today’s trend of healthy diet.

    • I realize that a raw food diet isn’t for everyone, but the research certainly shows that if you should find yourself with health problems choosing a raw food diet, if at least only for awhile, can get you back on the road to health.

  2. […] instead he came over and I made Raw porridge and had some green […]

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