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Raw Food challenge

I’ve recently been trying to catch up on a years worth of the “Oprah” show that I’ve taped on the PVR.  Now that her show has finished forever, it will be a lot easier and I’m actually making some progress!

On the particular episode I was watching, her entire staff at HARPO studios agreed to take the “Vegan Challenge”.  Where for one week they would eat absolutely NO animal products.  Well, that was the deal anyway.  And it was just an experiment to see if they felt any different and that kind of thing.

No one was forced to do it and apparently a few people opted out, but there were lots of vegan choices in the cafeteria so it all went well.

Could you do it?

Over the years I’ve tried all the various “eating lifestyle choices” and then when I went to nutrition school it was even worse, mostly because they scared us there with how scary the food supply really is these days!  At one point most of us were down to eating nothing but plain steamed brown rice and water.  But then even those got scary because we didn’t grow them ourselves!

You just have to make the best choices you can with what you’ve got, depending on your location, budget, culinary skills and try and keep away from the blatantly bad things.

But could you do a vegan challenge for one week?  How about going raw for a week?

That is the one thing I have never managed to be able to do, go completely raw for any time past say a two day period.  I have no problem with eating the raw fare, it’s more a problem of not being able to eat the non raw stuff!

Actually I could be an “Anythingist” eater if I could just have my cup of black tea in the morning with a bit of cow milk and some toast with peanut butter.  If I was allowed that on any food regime, it would be a piece of cake!  But those seems to be the one last thing I just can’t do without.

I mean I’m down to the healthy bread and the “just squished peanuts” style of peanut butter and organic milk in my tea, but I still always feel like I’m being bad.  Oh well.

So for the next week, I will give you some “raw” ideas and recipes and we’ll see what you make of them. 

Please let me know how you do.


Try to eat things as close to their natural state as possible




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