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Skinny milkshake

What with summer upon us, who doesn’t like a good milkshake from time to time?  But there is a hefty calorie price tag attached with all the fat and sugar.

Well here’s a version that will save you a bundle!

You have to plan ahead a little.

Start by peeling a few bananas and put them into an air tight container and toss them in the freezer till they are good and frozen.  ( results may vary by freezer!)

Meanwhile, you need to get your hands on something called “Chia”. (click here to read about Chia)  Yes chia just like a chia pet that you see on TV.  It is a funky little seed that is FULL of goodness that looks like of like poppy seeds, small and black.   But what’s great is the way it reacts when you get it wet.  When you soak it for a little bit in liquid, it goops right up.  Stand by to see why that’s a good thing.

So get yourself some chia.  You can buy it in any health food store and now even in most reputable bulk stores.  Buy it in bulk first, if you can, to try it out.  Then if you like it, you can buy a real bag worth of it.

So back to our skinny milkshake.

Get out your blender.

Put in about 2 tbsp of chia and about two cups of the “milk” of your choice.

Here is where it can get “skinny”.  You can use anything from skim milk to whole OR the non dairy milk of your choice, like almond, hemp, rice etc.  OR if you make the “milk” yourself, like live almond milk, this whole drink can become a “raw” item.

At this point you are gonna want to let the milk and the chia sit quietly for about 10 minutes to let the chia goop up.  Now this is a great thing, because instead of the full fat ice cream which usually gives a milk shake that thick deliciousness, the chia will do this for you.  Only instead of unwanted saturated fat, you are getting protein and omega 3’s!!

Next, you can add your flavouring.  If you don’t mind or are okay with sugar you can add chocolate syrup.  But if sugar is your enemy ( and let’s face it sugar is NOT our friend) then you can add plain ol coco powder.

Or you can add a combo of coco powder and the “healthier” sweetener of your choice like agave or stevia.  Or you could use something like strawberries or blueberries if you prefer a fruitier drink.

Whiz this stuff up for a bit.

Then last but not least add in your frozen bananas which will add both sweetness and substitute the coldness of ice cream.

Whiz it all up until it is well mixed and enjoy!!


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  1. YUM! Gotta pick up some of those chia seeds!

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