Good things to eat


Now as you’ve probably gathered by now, I do for the most part, TRY to eat and talk about healthy food choices.

But every now and again, even healthy eating people need a treat!!

This one will curl your toes!


Let it sink in a bit and it will come to you.  How completely delicious this item can be!

Earlier in the year I bought the Chef an ice cream machine for his birthday.

I happened to get the Cuisine Art one ( click here to check it out ) but any of the quality ones will do.

Follow the manufacturers directions, or your favourite ice cream recipe if you are familiar with the process, for vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

Meanwhile cook up some quality bacon, the good stuff, about 8 strips.  Drain it and let it cool down.  

Once it is nice a cooled, break it up into small bits and put it into a frying pan and pour over about a 1/4 cup of good maple syrup and then just cook it down and down and down until the liquidy part is evaporated and the bacon is well coated with sticky goo.

Take that out of the pan and let that cool.  Like on a try with parchment paper or other appropriate area. 

Once it gets cool it will crisp up almost like a candy brittle of some kind.   Then coarsely chop up that and now you will add it to your ice cream.

So to recap.  Make the ice cream per instructions and put it into the ice cream machine.  When it’s done, add the bacon and mix throughly and THEN put in the freezer to freeze.

Then you’ve got yourself some DE-licious bacon ice cream!!

Caution:  Not a vegan item.

Picture courtesy of David Lebovitz

Comments on: "Oh YEAH!" (2)

  1. Ok – that looks to die for! Bacon + icecream + maple syrup! Yumm!

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