Good things to eat

There is NO such thing as ugly kale!

It’s beautiful leafy greeness.  It’s sturdy personality!

Kale kale beautiful kale.

I’ve been all about the kale these days.  Went on a kale spree the other day on an impromptu trip to a fancy food store.


From the bottom left, you’ve got your everyday utility kale.  Every notice when you are in the supermarket, in the butcher case or in the prepared foods, they use good ol kale to divide the sections to make it inviting.

At the top we have Red Boar Kale, sometimes called purple kale, it almost has a flowery scent to it.

And at the right we have Lacinato Kale which I have also heard called dinosaur kale.

All fine choices for any meal.

But did you know that you can also decorate with kale?

Here we have decorative purple and green kale that has been trimmed at the stock and then submersed in water which magnifies it through the glass creating a beautiful effect.



They can make pretty table settings.

Or how about this?  Using kale in a boutonniere?


Or even in a bouquet??

Oh kale kale, beautiful kale!

Make friends with some kale today!


Comments on: "The good, the bad and the ugly" (2)

  1. linda duguay said:

    Beautiful…. I recognize that rose bowl photo too,

  2. Very fun post!

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