Good things to eat

Juicy juicing

It’s all the rage.  Juicing!

Word has it drinking a glass of fresh squeezed vegetable juice is like main lining nutrients right into your vein!!

And it really is so easy.

Well, you’ll need a juicer of course.

You will have to do your own research on which one is best for you.  We were taught in nutrition school that the squishing kind rather than the spinning kind results in a much better nutritional bang for your buck.

The squishing or masticating ( I believe it the official word) kinds are more expensive but because they extract the juice slowly, the juice doesn’t get heated, which results in oxidation and loss of nutrients.

The spinning kind are more popular because they are cheaper, work faster and you can usually put bigger chunks in at a time but the spinning causes heat which can result in loss of nutrients.

So do your research.

I got this sweet Omega juicer ( click here to check them out) as a graduation present when I finished Nutrition school.  And I love it.  In fact, check out my VERY first blog entry and you will see how I made pasta with it!!

But back to juicing for now.

All you need is a few nice veg.

And maybe an apple or two to take the edge off the extreme “green” flavour.  Then start shoving them in the machine.

The juice comes out the bottom and the pulp come out the front.  ( see my second ever blog post for ideas of what to do with pulp)

And what’s left?  Delicious nutritious JUICE!!  Yum.

Seriously, could be my imagination.  But I am pretty SURE I feel stronger minutes after drinking fresh squeezed juicy JUICE!!!

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