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Spring cleaning

Not that it feels much like Spring in any part of Canada these days, but apparently Summer is just around the corner!

We don’t have control over the weather, but you DO have control over what we put in our body.  Have you ever tried a cleanse?

Now I’m sure I’m not telling you about anything new.  Anyone with the internet can punch in “cleanse” and get hundreds if not thousands of options of kinds of cleanses to do. 

And as many websites and cleanses there are, there are just as many opinions on whether or not they are good for you.

There are those who swear by a yearly, or bi-yearly or even seasonal cleanse to clean their systems of toxins and regenerate and invigorate the body.

While others argue that the drastic change in the diet will cause the body to dump toxins into the system too quickly and make you sick.

Hard call.

I am of the opinion that maybe…..just maybe……you shouldn’t be putting too much crap in your system to begin with.  Just sayin.

But I do agree that it never hurts, at any time of year, to cut back on processed and the white food.  It also helps to cut back on the saturated, the caffeinated, the alcoholic, the sugar filled and all other means of things that drag the body down.

Make some fresh squeezed vegetable juice.  Eat some salads with lots of lemon juice.  Cut back on the bread and the pasta and the other heavy things.

Think GREEN!!!


Check out this blog by the Alkaline Sisters for some good ideas.


Comments on: "Spring cleaning" (2)

  1. Hey Thanks for the link:) Just doing some spring cleaning myself with a Juice feast- the details are on the blog if you wish. Have a great day!

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