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Mother’s Day idea

Happy Mother’s Day!!

I gotta tell ya, I’ve fed this one to a few mothers in my day!

As is usually my advice, the most important ingredient in this dish is creativity.  Oh yes, and love of course!

Fire up the oven to the predictable 350 degrees.

Then grate some potato.  I find that Yukon gold work best for this sort of exercise.  Rinse the grated potato in a cullender and then put them in a clean tea towel and stand over the sink and SQUEEEEEZE them until you get out as much water as your little hands can manage.

Put them in a mixing bowl and add one beaten egg, 1 Tbsp of flour and some salt & pepper.

If you want to them to another level, you could add some grated onion or even some grated carrot which makes them slightly sweet and is a good place to hide carrot!  Just make sure what ever extra you add is pretty dry, you don’t want to add any extra liquid!

Mix that  up and then you can make little patties about the size of a playing card…..if the card was round…..and fry them up in a shallow pan with enough oil to cover the bottom…….then flip.

OR and this is what I usually do, mostly because I hate how frying things in oil seems to leave a smell in the house for a week……I put them on a baking sheet with our ever friendly parchment paper. I make the patty and then brush them with a little olive oil.   This version is obviously a little healthier too.


You will need a muffin tin.

Depending on the number you want to make, line each muffin hole with prosciutto.  Then this is where the creative part comes in.  Find your favorite filling.  It could be a bit of cooked spinach, or mushrooms, or smoked salmon, something left over from dinner last night………you get the picture.  But you will need about a table spoon of what ever it is to add to each prosciutto cup.  And feel free to mix and match!  Then you want to add a bit of cheese, like goat cheese or feta or even some creamy brie, again, whatever tickles your fancy.

Then, carefully crack an egg into the top of each muffin hole, covering up the surprises inside.  And toss em in the oven to bake.

Keep an eye on them.  You will know they are ready when the egg starts to dull over.  Just give the tray a slight giggle and you will see where the yoke is in the cooking process.  But be careful, a minute too long and they will be hard and rubbery!

When they are done, carefully lift the baked prosciutto eggs out of the muffin hole and place them on top of the potato pancake and voila!  You are in business!

A very nice brunchy treat!  Even if you aren’t a mother!


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  1. Ok, now that looks absolutely gorgeous!

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