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Garlic soap

Do you ever go to bed at night, stick you hand under your pillow, ready to sleep and all you can smell is garlic or onion left over on your fingers from cooking dinner?   I found it very distracting, until now!

I bought this at a store called NOOD (click here to check out store website).  I like to call it “garlic soap” .  What it is actually, is a piece of stainless steel shaped like a bar of soap.  It even comes in it’s own little soap dish.

garlic soap

So when you find yourself with smelly garlic or onion fingers all you have to do is use this little thing  just like a bar of soap.  Rub it on your fingers under running water and it will take the smell away.

Washes away garlic smell

There is something in the stainless steel that reacts to the chemical in garlic or onion that neutralizes the smell.

Actually, I heard Martha Stewart talk about this years ago.  She had some old random strip of stainless steel that she used, but this “garlic soap” is much cuter.  She also said that in a pinch you could actually just rub your fingers on your stainless steel sink and it would work just as well.

So don’t let smelly fingers keep you up at night!

However, it does little for garlic breath!


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