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Friday Pizza Night

So now it’s Friday night, you’ve got yourself some pizza dough in the fridge, time to make some PIZZA!

Where we last left off, we rolled out the dough, sprinkled the tray with a little cornmeal, put the dough on the tray and drizzled with a little olive oil.

Pizza dough ready to go

There is nothing more fun than a pizza party.  Whether for a gang or just Friday night hangin at home.

Go in your fridge and drag out all you favorite things to eat and then chop them up, or grate them or do what ever needs done.  Then put them in little bowls if you are being more formal, or just make piles of stuff on a cutting board and then start to create!

Pizza dough with sauce

You can start with a little sauce.  Either your favorite jar or canned version, or like ours was just some tomato paste mixed with some dried herbs and garlic.

I then like to put a loose layer of cheese ( if you choose to use) because I find it helps everything else hang on.

Then pile her up with your favorite toppings.

Build your own pizza

I had peppers, red onion, mushrooms, spinach, prosciutto and fresh garlic.  And then some blue cheese and mozzarella and then some parma at the very last minute.  I also added a few sprinkles of hot chili flakes and some oregano.

Pizza ready to go

But as you know, now a days, the toppings are endless.  Chicken or nuts or lately I’ve even been seeing pull pork on pizzas!  Or you can make it completely meatless.  That’s what’s great about a pizza party is that everyone is happy because they have exactly what they want on it.  No fighting.

Bake them up at 400 degrees in the middle of the oven so the bottom doesn’t burn.  Bake until the cheese is melted and everything looks nice and melded into each other.  Yum-eee!

Pizza with meatballs

Then dish her up!  You could have it with a side salad and all that, to make it healthy and all.  But what I do, mostly because at this point I am really ready to get on with it, is I will plot of handful of baby arugula right in the middle of my piece of pizza.

The rocket lettuce adds a nice peppery zing and of course is your “live” thing with your meal.

Everyone’s happy!

Homemade pizza topped with arugula


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  1. Yum…I love pizza night!

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