Good things to eat

This is my new favorite thing.

No, sorry, my new favorite obsession.  I just LOVE this stuff! And put it in anything I can!

The good people at Tabasco have come out with a whole range of spicy sauces but my favorite is the Chipotle sauce.

Chipotle Tabasco sauce

Other than the obvious “Chipotle” written on it, you can distinguish this one from the other Tabasco sauces by the “smokie” tip on the label.

Unlike the original Tabasco, this chipolte version is smooth and like a warm hug, not that burn your mouth, vinegary taste of it’s predecessor.

I use it everywhere!  On eggs, in eggs, omelets, soup, stew, on rice & beans, on meats……you get the picture….anywhere that needs a little umph!

Whether you are a fan of hot sauce or not, this one adds a welcoming warmth to anything.


Chipolte Tabasco sauce


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