Good things to eat


Now as we all know, Toronto has many fancy restaurants and places that represent every cuisine in the world.  But the one place that I long for and try to visit every time I am in Toronto is a place called Gandhi Indian Cuisine on Queen Street West.  Feel free to google it because they don’t have a web page of their own but people have plenty to say about it.

Gandhi Restaurant

Sandwiched in between Herbie’s Herbs and some boarded up place on a rather “evolving” block of Queen Street near Bathurst, it is still worth the trip.

The first time I ever became aware of Gandhi was when I was observing a certain rock star going about his business, living his life and he wandered in there.  I had seen the place before but had always found it a little intimidating, but if it was good enough for him then I should brave it!

I mentioned the whole incident to some work colleagues who were all like “WHAT??  You’ve never BEEN??”

So that settled it.  In I went.

For those of you not familiar with a roti it is a large flat bread, kind of like a tortilla only larger and made of a different flour.  It is then filled with something and then wrapped up like a package ready to eat.

They are popular in parts of East Asia but also in the Caribbean or West Indies.

I had only ever had Jamaican roti before and so I was a little confused as to what to order.  The only thing on the menu that I recognized was the butter chicken so that’s the kind of roti I chose.  The nice lady asked me how hot I would like it.  The choices were mild, medium, hot and then some sort of crazy hot.   I still enjoyed a fairly strong constitution back then so I bravely requested hot.

They even make their on roti bread there on this big flat press type machine, so they are super fresh.   That’s why it takes a few minutes to prepare each item.  

The place is very small so most people get their food to take away.

I received my package and went home.

Note to self:  “Next time, get medium”!

My butter chicken roti was delicious but I think I was a bit ambitious to think I could handle the hot.  It took a very long time to eat because I had to keep stopping in between to cool my mouth down, but it was great.

Since then, I have always ordered the medium and it too is still pretty hot, but a manageable heat.

On this trip to Toronto I wasn’t sure if I would get to go, but I was meeting up with a friend and it was she who suggested it and I couldn’t turn her down!

As a vegetarian she ordered the Malai Kofta Roti which are veggie/cheese balls in a creamy curry sauce and I of course, sticking with tradition, as I am prone to do, ordered the butter chicken roti…….medium.

We scurried off with our package.

After the rotis are folded up they are stuffed into a rectangular take away box that you can pop in the oven when you get home to re-heat.  Although rotis are perfectly delicious at room temperature……maybe even cold.

My favorite thing to do is take the lid off and then cover the container with a plate, hang on to both and flip them over, popping the roti on to the plate.

Roti out of the box

Now I always attack the roti by cutting into the centre and then cutting in down the middle and eating one side first.  I have delusional thoughts that I will save the other half for another time, but that is never happened.

Butter chick roti

I was at my friend’s house so I had to be polite and not lick the plate!

So glad to have had the pleasure.  If spicey is your thing, then this place is a must do!


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