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Hidden Treasure

Well after a whirlwind visit to Montreal and trying to eat as many of the old favorites as possible, I was off to Toronto.

I’ll admit that I never really had the same eating relationship with Toronto as I ever did with Montreal.  Except of course with one exception.  When I lived in Montreal and used to visit Toronto there was always one place that I absolutely had to eat on each visit.  And that was to get an order to Thai noodles at the legendary, but long since gone, Bamboo Club on Queen Street.

But on this trip a friend turned me on to a hidden surprise.

I have long been a fan of Dimpflmeier Bread, although I’ve never really been able to pronounce it and refer to it by many bastardized versions of the name.  I began eating Dimpflmeier bread when I started to become aware of  eating for health, I have always enjoyed it for all the good things it was made of and the noticeable lack of bad things that it didn’t contain.  And it makes great toast!

I was sad when I moved to Victoria, that there only seems to be one place that actually sells it, because it was always readily available in Toronto and Montreal.  So imagine my delight  today when we went to the Dimpflmeier factory!

All these years it has been tucked away in the Toronto suburb of Etobicoke on a street  filled with auto body repair shops, that runs between Kipling and Islington.

Dimpflmeier bakery

They have an outlet store type shop and a small cafe attached to factory.  It definitely has the feel of a bakery in the “old country“.

Dimpflmeier factory

Wholesome ingredients

I would have liked to take pictures but I’m quite sure I would have been run out .  But here is a glimpse of one corner of what is going on in there.

Inside Dimpflmeier store

The store is probably four times bigger than what we see in this picture and has all sorts of baked delights from pies, to buns, to donuts and filled pastries and fancy cakes.  Not to mention the huge assortment of bread products made from every imaginable grain in a full range of gluten contents.

Jam filled donut with powdered sugar

I had some sort of flakey cheese filled pastry but gobbled it down before I thought to take a picture of it!

Just the wrapper

And not only do they have the same versions of the breads I buy in the grocery store for a fraction of the cost, but you can also get big family style or perhaps army style versions of the same breads at extremely reasonable cost.

Half Big rye loaf

Only half loaf

And this is only the half loaf.  A full one is only sixteen dollars and you can bring it home, divide it up and freeze it into normal load portions.

So if you live in Toronto or are just visiting and are a bakery fan you must check this place out!  I’m sure they will let you bring bread in your carry on bag!!


Comments on: "Hidden Treasure" (5)

  1. I never knew this place existed – will definitely have to check it out! Thanks for the tip 🙂

    • I can’t believe that place was there all this time and I didn’t get to enjoy it while living in Toronto! And was paying full price for that bread! But it is the bakery items that will overwhelm! Enjoy!

  2. linda duguay said:

    I bet I know who your friend was….and she hasn’t even taken me there yet , what’s up with that ?? lOVE YA

  3. […] took a slice of my favorite Dimpilmeier rye bread and lightly toasted […]

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