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The Green Spot Montreal

The Green Spot in Montreal is so old school that it doesn’t even have a web-site for me to link to so you can take a look for yourself, but if you Google it there are a ton of reviews and mentions.  So I guess for a lot of you I will be preaching to the choir as they say.

It is down on Notre Dame Street, corner Green Avenue, just west of Atwater on the North side.

The Green Spot is a classic diner with what looks like the original decor and even still has the personal juke boxes in each booth.

The Green Spot Montreal

I can’t ever remember actually going to the Green Spot for anything other than breakfast, but I know that it is a late night favorite too.

Let’s face it, I’m a pretty predictable sort.  I am always willing to try new things, but for the most part, under certain conditions, I like what I like and hate to risk being disappointed with some whimsical choice.  And when it comes to breakfast at a “joint”, I can’t help myself, I always end up ordering the traditional breakfast.  The only things I change-up from time to time is to have bacon instead of sausage or visa versa or maybe a different choice in toast.  But for the most part, it’s always eggs over medium, some kind of breakfast meat ( but never ham) home fries or hash browns (depending on the establishment), toast and coffee.  That makes me very happy and I’ve had this same thing from one end of North America to the other.

And the Green Spot has a great one.  I affectionately refer to it as “The Big Ass Breakfast”.

Big Ass Breakfast

This one has the added bonus of BOTH my favorite breakfast meats ( in fact it comes with ham too but I declined) and a little dish of baked beans which adds that nice Quebecois touch to it!  It also of course came with my choice of toast and jam.  

But here is the kicker!   Check out my bill!  And that is coffee included!!!

Great price on breakfast

I mean seriously, you just can’t beat THAT!

My friend got the French Toast with sausage and a side of home fries so her bill was slightly higher….

French Toast with Sausage

We were there the morning of the big Montreal St. Patrick’s Day parade so the place filled up quickly with people decked out in green.  Seemed appropriate to be eating at The Green Spot!


Comments on: "The Green Spot Montreal" (8)

  1. This one’s for you Mandy.

  2. 8 bucks for all that, wow.

  3. Thanks for this post, Lor. I am reading it and weeping. Jim and I used to regularly stop here en route to the sailboat in Pointe Claire. We didn’t have to eat all day after the big ass brekkie! I can still feel the buzz in there, everyone getting hopped up on hi test caffeine and deep fried goodness. Pretty much every visit, a waitress would whiz by our table en route to the kitchen, yelling “PATATES!” at the top of her lungs. It never failed to amuse !

  4. Naomi Emmerson said:

    Of course. I must add that Montreal was the King of all “breakfast joints” in th world!! The “Boeuf Hache Royal” french toast. Need I say more. Or the Pizza Des Pins and their pizza sauce on eggs. Cosmos …and their famous grill mashed potatoes and onions served in a heap with all meals all day.I know! It’s the Greeks!The Greeks know how to make breakfast and when you travel just look for the Greek restaurant and you’ll be sure to find good eggs. Unless, you’re in Texas where there are no Greeks! At least not inAustin.Eggs at my place then! And from my own chickens!!

  5. juke boxes are gone and decor has been modified/renovated.

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