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Cafe Santropol Montreal

One of my all time favorite Montreal eating treasures has always been Cafe Santropol.

Cafe Santropol Montreal

Tucked away on a discreet little neighbourhood corner in the Plateau district, it has always been a favorite with the hipster artsy crowd long before they even were the cool kids! 

Corner Duluth and St. Urbain

We started going there back in our theatre days, meeting up after a show to get a late night supper and talk about the days events.  Back then you felt like you were over at a friend’s house, a starving actor or student’s place, nothing matched and it was filled with strange collectibles.  The perfect place to feel part of some bohemian lifestyle.  In winter there was plastic on the windows to keep out the drafts, but it didn’t matter because we would huddle too many people around a table anyway and that would keep us toasty warm.

And even now after many updates and improvements, going to Cafe Santropol still makes you feel like a cool kid!

In all the many many years that I have been going there, I have only ever had the same thing.  I know that is ridiculous because they have such a beautiful varied menu  (Check out the menu) but the problem is I just love that one thing so much that I can’t bear the thought of getting anything else!

I ALWAYS get the Midnight Spread Sandwich. I just can’t help it.  Picture this, big beautiful bread with a filling made up of:  cream cheese, peanut butter, honey, walnuts, raisins and banana!  It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Midnight Spread Sandwich

Oh and yes, lettuce.  I’m pretty sure in the old days there used to be sprouts of some kind in there too, or maybe they were just on  the very fresh side salad?  I LOVE this sandwich and was SO happy to have it!

Oh and the green tinge on the bread in the picture is NOT mold!  It is the reflection of the coloured glass from where we were sitting in what feels like a wonderful glassed in porch that looks out on the back courtyard surrounded by a purple fence.  The courtyard is wonderful in summer because over head is draped in twinkle lights in the trees, and there is a water feature of some kind so the whole thing is quite magical.

My friend only had a plain ol tomato sandwich but look how lovely even it is!

Tomato sandwich

Cafe Santropol has gotten a bit more modern since I was last there.  I always used to enjoy the bear shaped honey bottle used as a soap dispenser in the bathroom and the six toilet paper roll holders on the back of the door.  Seems now they have a proper soap squirting machine and the big industrial paper holder like everyone else.  Perhaps it was a health code issue.

But don’t fear, she hasn’t lost her charm. If you love nice fresh food in a quirky atmosphere then Santropol is a must stop on your list.  But hippies beware!  They seem to have pulled pork on the menu now!  Guess it was only a matter of time!!


Comments on: "Cafe Santropol Montreal" (3)

  1. linda duguay said:

    Lorrie, I checked your site out at noon, not a good move …now I’m starving and want ‘THAT ” sandwich.

  2. I will have to place warnings on my posts!

  3. I regret to report that this cherished item is no longer on the menu! Apparently it was offending those with nut allergies……really… a mostly Vegetarian restaurant….you can’t use nuts?? Hmmmmm.

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