Good things to eat


I didn’t actually get to try this place but it sounds so very interesting.

O.NOIR or translated means “in black” is a restaurant where you eat in the dark!

O.NOIR Restaurant Montreal

I understand they are popping up in a lot of major cities and are the latest rage.  Promising that without being able to use your sense of sight, it will heighten all of the other senses making the dining experience all that more intense!

Not only is it a restaurant with an interesting new twist, but it is also contributing to a good cause.  The staff are visually impaired  and are part of a program which prepares them to enter mainstream employment and part of the proceeds from the restaurant go to various organizations for the blind.

Reason for O.NOIR

Sounds like an all round good place.


Comments on: "O.NOIR" (2)

  1. linda duguay said:

    Lorrie, does not sound like anything I’d want to try, unless as usual I burn my cookies, than I’d like to serve them to Gary in the dark

    • I imagine there is a large element of trust involved in going to one of these places. I know I can be unsettled about some of the stuff I CAN see in my food, so I don’t think not being able to see my food would be that appealing to me. Unless of course if someone was perhaps feeding it to me!!

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