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Airplane food

I miss airplane food! 

When was the last time, if ever, have you heard someone say THAT??

Well it’s not so much the cuisine itself that I miss as the presentation.  I used to fly a lot in my younger years and always looked so forward to the formality of the airplane food. 

Now they come around with a cart that would remind you of one of those snack trucks that come to construction sites at break time.   With nothing but a bunch of pre-packaged, uninteresting, playing to a captive audience fare. Very sad.  But apparently the problem is even worse than I’m talking about….  read this

What I miss is the fun.  Don’t forget, in the olden days we didn’t have our iPads to play with and there was usually only one movie that played at the front of the cabin whether you liked it or not………so there really wasn’t much to do…….well….except smoke of course!

So when it was meal time it was exciting because it was a welcome distraction.  The meals were like fancy TV dinners with every element in its own special compartment!   So it was like having many courses and you could take the time to savour each little area.  AND they gave you real silver wear, not plastic!!

I didn’t take this picture myself, nor have any idea when or where it’s from…….but I wanted you to get the idea of what I mean.

One of the differences with the meal in this picture compared to my cherished memories, is that I clearly recall getting little individual salt and pepper shakers.  Not just some paper package that you rip open but actual little bottles with little tabs that you would rip off to expose the little holes, just like the real thing.   Course I would never actually use them, but instead hoard them away in my bag to take home as a souvenir!

Ah those were the days!

When I was on the plane today they ACTUALLY made an announcement that someone on the plane was allergic to peanuts so to “Please don’t open any”.   Good way of getting out of passing out the free ones!!  That’s what it has come to, you can’t even enjoy your complementry package of 10 dry roasted peanuts.  Sad.

But I did find a story about this place:  Airplane food eatery

Maybe a last resort.


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  1. I think the quality of airline food has been steadily declining since Wardair went bankrupt.

  2. I was saying the very same thing the other day! I haven’t been transatlantic in a while and I was wondering if Air Canada (or any other airline for the matter) served actual meals as opposed to $10 sandwiches or a 15g package of bits and bites. Its the compartments for the different parts of the meal and even more mysterious (and wonderful) as a kid was how these meals were thrown together on the plane. I suppose I miss that kind of mystery…

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