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Try this cheese

Are you the kind of person who tastes something or hooks into some activity and then that’s all you do or care about for a while till the next thing comes along?

Well that’s what happened to us with this cheese.  A friend told me about it and was quite impressed so we tried it just before Christmas and I became obsessed with it.  Having it at all my events and making people taste it and I even give it a gifts!!

It’s called Norwegian Ski Queen.

What’s so unique about it, is that it doesn’t look or even really taste like cheese at all.

It comes in a square block wrapped in foil almost the size of a pound of butter but a bit smaller.

Norwegian Ski Queen Cheese

We’ve been able to find it in our regular grocery stores, but usually in the “fancy cheese” case.

What is so wild about it is that it looks and almost tastes like caramel.  Carmel like you get a Halloween in those chewy squares that you melt down make caramel apples…..that kind of caramel…..only with the creaminess of cheese!

Our favorite way……so far……is to eat chunks of it with slices of crisp apple.  Makes an amazing snack!

Cheese and apple

Next step will be to start trying to incorporate it into recipes!   Feel free to suggest something!


Comments on: "Try this cheese" (3)

  1. Lorrie Phelan said:

    I’m not sure about the “Norwegian Ski Queen”…however, I will find it and I will give it a try.

  2. […] Norwegian Ski Queen cheese, is just a delightful thing to try.  Although it is a cheese, it would remind you more of a really rich version of those caramel square candies that we used to get a Halloween. Perhaps those crossed with butter or some other unbearably delicious creamy substance.  You really do need to try it.  We find it in the speciality cheese section of most major grocery stores. […]

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