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Eating in Montreal

I find it hard to believe that I have been gone from Montreal for eleven years now.  I mean obviously I have been back to visit a bunch of times while I was living in Toronto, but since I moved to Victoria I haven’t been back even once!  Terrible that is.

And the one thing, well usually several actually, thing I do when I am in Montreal is EAT!

Let’s face it, Montreal has been long known as an eating destination.   What I miss though are the little “joints” that when you move to a new city it takes a long time before you can replace them. 

Some of mine were:

Hot and Spicy at La Faubourg Ste. Catherine which is a Chinese take out restaurant but you can watch them making it right there in the big woks.  With my shellfish allergy and fear of that, Hot and Spicy is somewhere I have never had a reaction so I can actually get a fix of Chinese food without worry!

La Faubourg St. Catherine in general has all kinds of interesting fast food.  Concordia University is just up the street as well as a few other schools in the area so I guess they are catering to the many international students looking for a little home cooking.

My other favorite place is the bagel joint also at La Faubourg.  I know there are several favorite bagel places in Montreal and that people come from far and wide to have them, a pilgrimage of sorts but I always like this one because it was right around the corner from my house so I could stumble out of bed in the morning and go round and get some.  I also used to bump into a certain rock star there all the time ordering his bagels.  I used to find it cute how he always insisted on ordering in French, even though he is an English guy and the people working there speak English. 

And then the late night favorite Kojax Souflaki.  I’m sure this place is open during the day too and from what I understand they now have several locations, but the one on Ste. Catherine Street, right in the bar district, is the best place to go to get your “souflaki pita” with special sauce after a night of merry-making!!

I’m heading to Montreal this week for the annual St. Patrick’s parade and am hoping to get to some of my old haunts and very much looking forward to finding some new ones.

Please feel free to give me some suggestions!


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  1. Jacquie D. said:

    Well, Lor, sorry to disappoint you, but the Faubourg is nowhere near it’s former glory. Hot & Spicy is no longer there and now operates only up on Décarie Blvd., across from the race track. And I think the bagel place is gone, too. And no more Plantation fruit market. The bottom level is all broken up into smaller spaces, now, with only a couple of food outlets. Second cup, I think, and I’m not sure what else. Although I live just down the hill, I haven’t been there in ages, it’s so depressing.

  2. Well this is heartbreaking news. Looks like I will have to start all over and find some new “joints” to hang out at.

  3. linda duguay said:

    Lorri I was about to say almost the same as Jacques. Expect big changes, that is the one thing you can be sure of. Have a great time and stay out LATE !!!!!!!!!!

  4. The Green Spot down on, what street is that? ah nostalgie! Happy St Paddy’s Day!

    • Yes I remembered that one as we passed it on the way in from the airport. Definatly on the list to hit before I leave!! And it’s on Green Avenue………

      • Green Spot is at 3041 rue Notre-Dame Ouest (coin Atwater). I can still hear the waitress hollering orders to the kitchen: ‘Patates’!

  5. I was there this morning! Will give full report as it comes available! Apropriately went to “Green Spot” on Green day parade day!

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