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Do you get sad when your copper pots get all murky?  Or ever see what looks like a once grand copper pot at a thrift store or garage sale but it looks like it has seen better days?

Well try this trick on your copper products and it will breath new shiny life into the old dull thing.

Back when I worked in the film industry, I had the pleasure of being allowed to attend set sales where they would sell off props and set dressing from the movies after they were done.   I scored a couple of prime copper pots on one production and I use them all the time. 

One of them I particularly love because it can go on the stove top but can also go in the oven.   But the oven always seems to oxidize the copper so every few weeks I shine her up like this.

Dull copper pot

You will need half of a lemon ( limes work too ) and some plain old table salt.

Lemon and salt

Start by wetting the area with water.

Then take the lemon, or even half of a previously squeezed lemon, and rub it over a section of the item.

Rub area with lemon

Then pour on some salt, which will act as a mild abrasive.

Add salt

Then take your lemon and start scrubbing.   You will notice a difference right away!  Some spots might take a little more elbow grease, but it’s kind of therapeutic.  Once you’ve reached your desired depth of shininess, rinse the whole thing with clean water……and you’re good to go!!

Shiny copper!


Comments on: "How to clean a copper pot" (3)

  1. linda duguay said:

    Hey Lorrie, I’ll pass this ifno off to friends who have copper pots abd aren’t lucky enough to have you . Ha.

  2. So cool !!!

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