Good things to eat

Pancake Tuesday

Or Shrove Tuesday as it is traditionally known and observed by Christians as the last day before lent.

I was always of the school that when making pancakes with things in them, lets say chocolate chips, or banana or blueberries, I would always just mush them in with the rest of the batter and then plop the batter on the griddle and see what you get.

But the problem with that is that you never get even distribution of what ever tasty morsel you have added.  There is always too much in one and not enough, or none at all in others!

So the resident Chef taught me a trick.

Make your regular batter……..put your dollop of batter on to the griddle…..and THEN add the goodie bits to each cake, distributing evenly.  This is done while you are waiting for the tell-tale pre-flipping bubbles to appear.

Adding the berries to the pancakes

Then when the bubbles appear, you flip the cakes as per usual and they cook up with a fair number of bits in each cake!

Blueberry pancakes

 Happy Pancake Tuesday!


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