Good things to eat

Lunch at the Point

The Menu

Luckily the lunch menu is short and sweet so we got down to it.    I ordered the “Crispy confit of Cowichan Valley chicken leg with almond and kale potato pave with mixed greens and apricot cider vinaigrette  quite a mouthful indeed.  Cowichan Valley is a location on the East side of the island well know for growing wonderful chicken, among other delicacies.

My dining partner got the “ Marinated grilled breast of chicken sandwich with house buttermilk ranch dressing and Swiss cheese on a home-baked bun”.   I have to admit that mine sounded a lot more entertaining but no need to show off.

The service was prompt and pleasant even though the place was jam-packed!

But at least you had the view while you waited.  Every table even has binoculars so you can look for whales and eagles and the like.

Binoculars on every table

I have been to this place before, years ago, for afternoon high tea and as we sat there the sun began to set and the view was just stunning, truly magical.  But I don’t think they do the afternoon tea anymore because they close for the afternoon at 3:30 PM.

Then came the food.

Marinated grilled chicken sandwich

A very fresh looking dish and by all reports, nice and tastey……….but still……just a sandwich.

And my dish.

Crispy chicken confit with potato pave

So what exactly IS a pave you ask?  Well, seems it is sort of like scalloped potatoes.  Very thinly sliced potatoes layered with some other item, in this case kale, alternately like lasagna, then stock is added and then topped with a heavy item like a baking sheet or pan with a brick in it to squish it all down, so when it cooks it is very compacted.  Then removed from the oven and cut into portions.  So that is the pale square thing on the plate.  It was delicious and creamy tasting, even though there was no cream in sight!

My resident Chef tells me that paves can and are often actuallydessert items.  The French translation of pave is “paving stone”.  So basicly a pave is a layered item in the shape of a square.

As for the confit, I was expecting something different.  I didn’t think it would come still on the bone, I thought it would be more of a shredded chicken item on top of the greens.  This  was good too, but I’m not a fan of picking around chicken legs.  I’d rather not know about unsavory bits in the middle.

My general comment is that it was very tasty and satisfying and a perfect size for lunch.  But still with a little room for dessert.

The view

We laboured over the dessert menu.  There weren’t that many items but we both wanted the same thing, which seems so boring but if it’s good……what are you supposed to do?  You don’t want to be the person getting the second choice item.  I’m not really a dessert person and tried to suggest a “sharing” scenario, but often I can’t be trusted and end up having more than my promised “two bites”.

So we went for it.

Chocolate torte

This baby is a “Chocolate torte with banana bread icing and brown butter ice cream“!

It’s so beautiful I’ll give you the top view too.

Chocolate torte top view

Well let’s just say, it’s lucky we each got our own because there would have been hurt feelings trying to split this puppy!

With our bellies full and our spirits soaring from the spectacular view we left content and headed out for a “digestive” walk on the beach!

Walking off lunch

A day well spent


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