Good things to eat

I don’t mean the “what ever it is” that you like to eat every day.  For instance like me who could probably eat toast with peanut butter every day of my life…….no…..I mean, what’s your favorite “special” breakfast?  The one you get on your birthday or make for someone on the holidays, THAT kind of breakfast.

When I was a kid, my favorite special breakfast, that my mother usually only made at Christmas was French toast stuffed with bacon and sausage.  When I say stuffed, I just mean, the bacon and sausage was in between two French toasts, like a sandwich.  I loved that breakfast.

Later in life a restaurant that I frequented in Montreal, that was a breakfast only establishment, kicked it up a notch for me.  They called the dish the “Dennis the Menance”.  It consisted of two French toast, like our family favorite, only this one had peanut butter, bacon and banana in the middle!!  I was in heaven!!

Last time I was at that restaurant they had taken that dish off the menu, I was devastated.  I’ve never seen it on another menu since.

I’ve been thinking about this dish a lot lately so this morning we were out at one of our favorite breakfast joints and it was early and not too busy so I pleaded with the server to talk the Chef into making me the dish I’ve been longing for.  She was intrigued and agreed to ask.

She brought me this.

French toast with peanut butter, bacon and banana

It was good.  But not exactly what I was looking for.  This one used big fancy bread which was fine from a French toast point of view but was a bit too bready for what I was looking for because it overwhelmed the filling.

The one I long for is just two slices of plain ol sandwich bread……I mean they can even be nice multigrain sandwich bread, but they need to be thin and well soaked in the egg mixture before cooking so they are nice and soft.  And then when you cut it you get the full three layers of the two slices of bread and the filling all in one bite.

I guess I’ll just have to make some at home.


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