Good things to eat

Pasta party part II

I’ve rested up a bit and am ready to tell you about the second half of the dinner menu.

This next dish is the result of the previous descriptions.  Here we have the beet linguini in the toasted parmesan basket!  Two birds with one stone so to speak.   And then topped with a roasted celeriac cream sauce.  The vibrant red colour of the beet juice did end up leaching out of the pasta a bit but still managed to keep an interesting colour.

Beet linguini in toasted parma basket with roasted celeriac cream sauce

I was pleased with the texture of the pasta.  I wasn’t sure if it would be gummy after the ordeal of stuffing it through the juicer!  But it actually had a very satisfying feel in the mouth.

With our next course we again took a break from the pasta and went to the “Secondo” or a meat course.  This was tender medalions of lamb topped with goat cheese on a bed of shaved asperagus with a light pesto drizzle and toasted pin nuts. 

Medallions of lamb with goat cheese and shaved asperagus with pesto drizzle

We were approaching delerium by this point.  Even though we did our very best to pace ourselves and as you can see it was reasonable portions, we were really getting full.  But we soldiered on, for the good of the cause.  What was the cause again?

Back to the pasta, this was our last savory course.  This was a succulent  cannelloni stuffed with chicken and mascarpone and baked in a tangy sundried tomato cream sauce.

Unfortunately the picture of this one didn’t turn out at all.  I’d like to blame the camera, but I suspect it had something to do with too much wine.

This was a tastey dish but I have to admit that at this point I was a bit too full to completely enjoy it at the time but it was wonderful reheated yesterday, the bonus round!

By the time we reached dessert I thought I would have to hand out pillows so we could all have a little lie down but we couldn’t up give now!

The dessert was an ice cream scoop of tiramisu with shaved chocolate, strawberry colis and eatable flower peddles that we just “happended” to have.

Tiramisu with shaved chocolate, strawberry coulis and flower peddles

It was actually nice and light and not too sweet and just the perfect last morcel to a splenid meal.

Did you know the purpose of dessert is to signal the brain that the meal has ended so that digestion may begin?  Like that was going to help us at this point!!


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